Wedding is one of the most important events in our life. We create an unusual atmosphere at these events. Our capabilities know no boundaries, and determine the dynamics, entertainment and beauty. Discover a new world with ProDeco!

Tools used at this event:

Video Decorations

Projection cake

Holographic pyramid

Projection on the walls

Virtual hostess

Mirror composite

Projection decoration for Alfa-Bank

Alfa-Bank is a subsidiary of the Russian JSC Alfa-Bank and is part of ABH Holdings S.A., represented in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Netherlands. The company held a 2-day digital forum for employees at the Rixos hotel. The format of the event is digital technology, so we chose content for projections in this particular subject.

Interactive BrandWall - the projector transmitted the logo of Alpha Bank on the wall, and the motion sensor repeated the silhouettes of people who approached to be photographed.

Projection BrandWall - we created a corner video BrandWall, which was digital content. Also, with the help of speakers and groovy music, visitors could shoot emotional videos.

We created a projection hostess in the form of Alfabank’s CEO, Andrei Timchenko. Placing the projection hostess in the entrance area of the event, we provided maximum attention to the hostess, who met people with prepared phrases.

Projection Decoration for Yandex Plus

The company "Yandex Kazakhstan" has introduced a new product - "Yandex. Plus ", which combined subscriptions to all services. At this event, we made projection decoration, interactive projection and developed a presentation video that describes all the company's products.

Interactive projection

Interactive projection on the background of a short video about all Yandex Plus services.

Promo Clip for Yandex Plus

Especially for the event and further promotion, we have developed a promo. In the video provided all the services of Yandex, which are combined in the service - Yandex Plus.

Projection decoration for Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan is a magazine for independent, purposeful girls who are interested in the latest trends in the field of beauty and fashion. The company organized an annual event called “Cosmo beauty awards”. At this holiday, we used projection decorations that broadcast cosmetics, magazine covers, and other thematic content.

Interactive BrandWall is a new tool to attract visitors. The projector issues a company logo with different animations on the wall. Approaching the brandwall to be photographed, the motion sensor captures the guest and transfers the animation to the brandwall, which repeats the movement of the guest.

Holographic Pyramid - an innovative tool that produces a picture in 3D. At this event, we used the logo to remember the brand.

Shadow lamp - most often placed in the recreation area to immerse the guest in a party atmosphere.

Mirror WellcomePoint

Mirror WellcomePoint immerses guests in a mysterious projection mirror labyrinth. Due to the mirror effect and the projection broadcast, the guest reflects the prepared content, which can be filmed on video, photo or boomerang.

Kinetic shadow lamp at a wedding party

The kinetic shadow lamp is our creation, which differs from other lamps in that the lighting is not static, thus the shadows seem to play indoors. Shadow lamp is a good addition to a quiet corner of any event where people can have small talk and relax in the atmosphere of the event.

Projection hostess

Alan Cherkasov is our brand ambassador. We are always happy to work with him and implement cool ideas with his participation. In this case, this is a projection hostess who greets guests of the event.

Holographic Pyramid

Holographic Pyramid is an excellent addition to the event or product presentation. The pyramid demonstrates a 3D model of the product or logo, depending on the functional idea of the pyramid. Using this product, the company has an aura of the innovator, showing that it is ready for experiments.

Projection Wellcome Point

The Projection Wellcome Point differs from the usual brand-wall or photo stand that in the background displays dynamic content, which is promoted under the theme of the event. It can display abstraction, dynamics, corporate identity or customer logo.

Projection Decaration for TECHNODOM

TECHNODOM company is the leading national network of electrical and computer equipment stores in Kazakhstan. For this company was selected a variety of content from the snowflakes of winter, to the colorful dynamic salute.

Projection decoration for Sberbank

The projection decoration helps to immerse the guest of the event in a festive atmosphere. Decorations can be both abstract and branded under the corporate style of the company.

Projection decoration for the Colisium forum

The projection decoration for the Colisium Music Forum was provided in a dynamic content emphasizing the modernity and relevance of the idea.

Colisium Interactive Projection

Content on BrandWall may not identify a person at all (as in this video) or leave elements of his appearance (for example, face and hair). The person on the banner can “try on” any clothing or accessories, attributes of the brand's identity, may consist of clouds or small pictures with logos.

Projection Hostess

We can make a Projection Hostess in the form of the hero of the occasion, your brand ambassador, the lead event, the director of the company or any character you wish.

Projection decoration for Small & Skif

Most recently, the company had a significant day - the 20th anniversary / We have the honor of making this holiday atmospheric and unforgettable. A video and interactive projections have been developed for this event.

Projection decoration in Almaty



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About company:


The ProDeco company was created in October 2018 to change the design methods and content of events in Kazakhstan from standard to technological. Our interactive and entertaining tools can create the atmosphere of any chosen concept at your event, bringing elements of techno magic into it. (During this time) we have implemented more than 20 projects/



fit to create

amazing and unique atmosphere of private celebrations:



A wide range of innovative products will solve every task of event from creating a WOW- effect to giving the brand an aura of innovation and originality.

Projection Decoration

Fundamentally new world (concept) in the events media support, including the glare of the room surfaces (ceiling, wall and floor) creating holographic characters and organizing interactivity with guests of celebrations

Projection Ceiling

A tool that can turn the gathering area of guests into an ultra- modern, most comfortable platform for gathering guests. The projection ceiling decorated in the style of the event will guide guests from the entrance to the main hall.

Projection on the façade and trees

Gives you the opportunity to create the impression of uniqueness before entering the event transmits video series with the company logo, photos of the bride and groom, animation and so on…

Mirror Welcome Point

Mirror WP immerses guests in a mysterious projection mirror maze. Due to the mirror effect and projection translation, the guest reflects the prepared content, which can be shot on video, photo or boomerang effect.

Projection hostess

Welcomes guests of the event. Using a motion sensor, it understands when to perform a personalized greeting. The ability to create any projection figure (girl, the man, hero of the brand)

Projection photo stand/ brand wall

Depending on the subject of the event, an animation is chosen for the brand wall, on which the advertising concept or company logo will be displayed. Guests can make not only photos on the background of the brand wall but also shoot short videos.

Interactive photo stand/ brandwall

Guests see themselves on the screen in a stylized graphic style, corresponding to the theme of the event or the style of the brand. Graphics are transformed from the movement of the guests and controlled by them, creating a spectacular and fascinating interaction

Video Kaleidoscope

Can be used as an entrance or a separate installation, showing the core values and elements of the company’s brand. An innovative and entertaining element of any event

Projection LoveStory

Adapted and broadcast prepared Love Story. It Is also possible to create an animated love story clip adapted to the video scenery

Projection Cake

3 D Mapping object is a beautiful and spectacular climax of a holiday. It is possible to develop an individual script and animation.

Holographic pyramid

For animation, a physical object is placed inside the pyramid. Content is prepared for each client individually for the order

Ballet video

Software graphics synchronization with dancers. Perfect movements even without rehearsals. The possibility of using the activity for interactive with guests in between performances.

Interactive video floor

Interactive video floor is an interactive platform on which synchronous moving animation appears with a passing person. Depending on the wishes of the client, the mechanics of animation may be different. For example in the form of a magnet or vice versa repel animation particles


Projection Decoration

Fundamentally new world (concept) in the events media support, including the glare of the room surfaces (ceiling, wall and floor) creating holographic characters and organizing interactivity with guests of celebrations






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